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Supporting Healthy Communities

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals provide the framework for creating a more sustainable, equitable, and healthy world. For an overview of the 17 goals and how Collective Humanity supports these goals here.
United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 6 is to “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.” The goal features 6 targets and 11 indicators to measure the impact and progress on this goal.
In November of 2020, our community of Collective Humanitarians helped us successfully build a WASH (water sanitation and hygiene) station in our weavers community. With the current global pandemic upon us, this WASH station is more important than ever during these uncertain time to minimize the spread of infectious disease and maintain healthy communities. In addition, our hand washing station reduce the amount of student absenteeism, especially girls, improving access to education leading to a brighter future.

The hand washing station project is the result of collaboration between Collective Humanity and the local school principal and school district administration. Each hand washing station provides access to clean water, soap, towels, and buckets at the local school. To enhance the effectiveness of the hand washing stations, teachers will provide information on the importance of hand washing and the health impacts to the communities.

Together we are working towards a healthier world.

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