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Our Top 5 Favorite Travel Accounts

Our top 5 Favorite Travel blogs, accounts, brands, and resources to cure our collective travel blues and keep our wanderlust alive.

1. Shibui & Co

Shibui & Co is an online resource where "travel meets tradition". They have an emphasis on slow living, slow travel, slow made goods and share aspirational stories of traditional craftspeople preserving ancient crafts. They also share super inspiring travel tales from some of the best visual storytellers in the industry. We absolutely love their work & were so honored when the founder reached out to feature our work. Be on the lookout for their next publication as we share a little bit about how Collective came to be and how travel plays a role in all that we do.  


2. Majestic Disorder

Majestic Disorder are masters of visual storytelling.  A travel, arts & culture publication that takes its readers on a journey with every image. Every time I land on their page I find myself more and more inspired and in love with the way the world looks through their eyes. According to their website, majestic disorder magazine is stocked on six continents and available to order online.


3. Carley's Camera

Carley Rudd, known on instagram as Carley's Camera is a nomadic travel photographer. With a sharp eye for stunning visual imagery, Carley captures the beauty of a landscape, arch of a doorway, or the calm of the sea in a way that transports her viewers into her photographs, and sweeps them away to far away lands. With the pandemic keeping the majority of us stationary in our homes, Carley's page feels like medicine for our wanderlust souls.  Be sure to follow along for the escapism we all so desperately need these days!

4. Alive like the Wind

We came across Clé's page quite recently and were immediately taken by the soulfulness in his images and the depth in his storytelling. We got the feeling right away that Clé's journey wasn't that of a typical travel content creator, bored with the monotony of a 9 to 5 so he ventures off to see the world. Rather, his page and his spirit feel a bit more tested by time. Clé, along with his Co-Founders, Camille and Doyin, started The Wind Collective, a global travel community expressing freedom through adventure and creativity. We encourage you all to read his story and follow along on his journey, the word inspiring doesn't do it justice...



 5. Passion Passport

With a massive following over 1 million travel enthusiasts, what we love most about Passion Passport is the community they have helped facilitate for travel lovers around the world. Passion Passport lends its platform to up and coming travel bloggers and photographers featuring the work of hundreds in our community. Their mission is to tell impactful and diverse stories about travel and they do just that. In their words... "Passion Passport’s community includes explorers, creators and storytellers from around the globe. Their travel experiences have challenged them, shaped their perspective of the world and given them a better sense of who they are. Both online and off, Passion Passport offers the opportunity to connect with one another, to share those pivotal moments, and to travel with purpose.".


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