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How Travel Shapes Design

Starting out on this journey, I never considered myself particularly artistic, never mind a designer. Through the last few years I have come to realize that we all have an inner artist and creative being that if engaged with and encouraged, will come alive. At first, I felt intimidated by the design world and all of its prestige, now I know that's foolish. True creation is an act of expression, of pulling in the world around you, through sight, senses, touch, experience and allowing all that you draw near to combine with what is already planted there, to birth something new. As I have grown as an entrepreneur and creative, as I have nurtured my business sense, my eye for design, and most importantly, my belief in myself, I have come to trust my instincts and lean into and listen to my inner artist as I dream up each collection. I have developed a sense for what I want to bring into the world. I create intentionally and collaboratively, knowing that each design will make its way into the world likely 6 months to a year after conception. It needs some time to develop, and of course, to produce. I often meditate on what that state of the world will need when each product arrives, and create something that will hopefully feel like medicine for what the collective is experiencing. I do not want our products to be born out of a reaction to the world around us… this took me some time to understand. There is great power in the intentionality you pour into each creation. I predict the world may be feeling a bit of a hangover in the months and possibly years to come, from all that we are collectively shifting through now.
collective inspiration
So, I draw inspiration from the place in the world that makes me feel most grounded, most myself, most at peace. As of late, that place is, of course, Cambodia. Cambodia has so much beauty in its intimate relationship between design and nature. So much history in its architecture, so much intentionality in each design element and why it is there. I love the transition between indoor and outdoor spaces in Cambodia, the merging of nature and concrete to make you feel calm and cool amidst the wild heat. The way the light warms a space, the aging of stone, or the wearing of clay that make up the rooftops. Cambodia is pure inspiration for design, so I draw our colors, and concepts from those experiences I have had. Merging with the traditional patterns and styles from our weavers and partners themselves… dyeing everything by hand and using nature to create our colors to further perpetuate the connection to space and time. Grounding you in the calm, serenity, and joy of the region. 
As my friend Clementine reminds me... In all creation there is an act of destruction, and in all destruction an act of creation. Let’s bring beauty mindfully into the world. <3 
With love, 


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